Windmills at sea
What if the computer you're using right now had been made using wind energy?

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for your interest in the WindMade label programme.

As you might know, the label has been put on hold until further notice. In the meantime, the programme has started working on a REmade Index that will highlight the latest corporate sourcing trends, recognize companies sourcing renewables, and provide recommendations to further boost the corporate sourcing of renewables. 

To be a part of it and for more information, please visit:

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  • From WindMade to RenewableMade

    From WindMade to RenewableMade

    WindMade is one step closer to covering full range of renewable energy sources

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  • Join WindMade!

    Join WindMade!

    Is your company using wind power? Find out more about how to use the WindMade label to communicate this to your stakeholders.

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  • Product Label now launched

    Product Label now launched

    Our new Product Label is now up and running, so companies can apply to use the WindMade label directly on products!

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