WindMade Labels

The WindMade Label Program is the core of the WindMade organization. The mission of the WindMade Label Program is to provide a communication platform for companies to report their use of electricity generated by wind and other renewable sources.

WindMade offers two overall label types:  (1) The WindMade label for Companies and Organizations and (2) the WindMade label for Products & Services.  Each label type has its own technical standard which outlines the requirements that companies are be required to meet in order to qualify to use a WindMade label. 

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Companies & Organizations

Companies and organizations that procure and use wind electricity as part of their global operations can apply for a WindMade label for their operations.  The goal of this label is to provide credible and transparent information quantifying the consumption of electricity generated from wind energy and other renewable sources.   The WindMade label will communicate this information.

WindMade is ready to start certifying companies and organizations who want to become WindMade! The WindMade Technical Standard for Companies and Organizations was officially approved by the WindMade Board in October 2011. 



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Product Label

The WindMade Product Label can be applied to all products using a minimum share of 75% of renewable energy in their total electricity consumption, with wind power representing the largest share.  A cradle-to-gate approach was adopted, which means that the label will cover the entire power consumption for all product components, from the extraction of the raw materials all the way to the product leaving the factory gate.

From now on, companies can apply for displaying the WindMade label on individual products. To join a group of high-profile pioneers using the label, please contact or visit our membership page.