Events Label

The WindMade label can also be applied to events.

For an event to be WindMade labelled, it needs to procure 100% of its electricity footprint from renewable power.

Many conference organisers are already making efforts to 'green' their events, and WindMade now offers them a tool for having their commitment to renewable power certified by a credible label.

The WindMade events standard was developed following strong demand from conference organisers wishing to differentiate their events by showing their commitment to wind power. Under the WindMade Technical Standard, any kind of event could be labelled - from a theatre production to a trade fair, from a big sports event to a small conference.

Since the WindMade program only addresses electricity use, conference organisers are also encouraged to offset all other carbon emissions such as transport, heating and others.

For more information on the WindMade Label for Events, click here. For the technical requirements, please refer to Appendix C of the WindMade Standard for Companies & Organizations.

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