WindMade Label for Companies & Organizations

The WindMade Label for Companies & Organizations will allow users to communicate the amount of renewable electricity they procure and consume around the world.

Companies participating in the program will have to fulfil the requirements set out in the WindMade Standard for Companies and Organizations.

Once they are certified, the participating companies are authorised to use the label for their corporate communications, such as print, online, TV and radio advertising, reports, press releases, stationary, signage on buildings and retail facilities etc.

There will be two versions of the WindMade label:

Label type 1: Wind energy

Label type 2: Mix of renewable energy sources

Both labels consist of the following elements:

  • - WindMade logo
  • - % share of electricity from wind/renewable power
  • - Certification number
  • - URL
  • - Explanatory sentence with details on company and boundaries of certification






Label type 1: Wind energy only


 Label Type 1

Label type 2: Mix of renewable energy sources


 Label Type 2a