WindMade Membership Application

Consumers prefer brands that use wind energy.

Joining WindMade can move brand perception, and give consumers the choice they demand. It will give you an edge on the competition.

If your company sources a minimum of 25% of its power consumption from wind power, it could qualify for using the WindMade label.

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Category Eligibility Annual Fee (2013 rate)
A - Private Sector
  Companies with annual revenue above € 500 million € 15,000 (US$ 19,500)
  Companies with revenue between € 100 million and € 500 million € 10,000 (US$ 13,000)
  Companies with revenue below € 100 million € 5,000 (US$ 6,500)
  Companies with revenue below € 25 million € 2,500 (US$ 3,200)
  Companies with revenue below € 2 million € 1,000 (US$ 1,300)
B - Non-profit Organisations
  Non-profit organisation € 500 (US$ 650)
C – Other
  Other profiles € 500 (US$ 650)

Note: Membership at WindMade is subject to approval of the WindMade Board of Directors.