Sustainable Brands 2013 run on 100% wind power


The Sustainable Brands 2013 conference in San Diego, CA, a leading corporate sustainability conference attended by over 2,000 professionals from all over the world, is using 100% wind power and certified by the independent WindMade label.

The WindMade label enables businesses and event organizers to communicate their commitment to renewable energy to their stakeholders and consumers. The non-profit organization behind the WindMade label only awards the certificate to events that draw their power exclusively from renewable energy sources. The organization is also soon launching a label to be used for individual products.

To achieve WindMade certification, the entire power consumption of the Sustainable Brands 2013 event is matched with electricity generated by wind power through NativeEnergy, a provider of carbon offsets and renewable energy credits, who is also the carbon offsets sponsor for conference. NativeEnergy will donate renewable energy credits and carbon offsets that balance the power usage and CO2 emissions from event activities, attendee travel, and hotel accommodations.

“Much of the talk at this conference is about how lessening a corporate’s environmental footprint can go hand in hand with improving brand reputation,” said Angelika Pullen, WindMade’s Communications Director. “We are proud for this leading event to carry the WindMade label, thus helping to spread the message that using renewable energy not only reduces a company’s carbon emissions, but it also provides an excellent talking point to consumers and stakeholders, especially when certified with an independent label.”

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