WindMade is one step closer to covering full range of renewable energy sources


Expanding WindMade to embrace all renewable energy sources equally is one step closer to reality, as the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) task force, Coalition for Action, explores incorporating the consumer label into IRENA.

Founded in 2011, WindMade was the world's first consumer label for a renewable energy source. Seeking to provide consumers with meaningful information regarding the energy sources used to produce the products they buy, WindMade's greater purpose has been to encourage consumer action to combat climate change. The outcome of the IRENA task force's work is expected to create an even stronger consumer label, providing greater flexibility as well as geographical reach.

The Danish Minister for Climate, Energy, and Building, Rasmus Helveg Petersen, comments that "The Danish Government fully supports the inclusion and extension of WindMade into a new broader renewable energy product/consumer label under IRENA's auspices. Over the years, consumer choices about the things we buy and use have been a forceful vehicle for change. With the prospects for creating a broader renewable energy consumer label, I see a strong foundation to increase corporate investments in renewable energy."

According to WindMade Board of Directors Chairman Steve Sawyer, "This step is a natural evolution for WindMade. It is consistent with the founders' original conception that WindMade should ultimately include a wider range of renewable energy sources. I am confident that IRENA can take this new broader renewable energy product/consumer label to the next level, increasing the demand for renewable energy."

About WindMade

WindMade was developed in 2010 and announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos the following year. Vestas is the founding partner and was subsequently joined by partners Bloomberg, WWF, the UN Global Compact, PwC, the Global Wind Energy Council, and LEGO. WindMade is a non-profit organisation.


IRENA is an intergovernmental organisation supporting countries in their transition to a sustainable future. The agency serves as a platform for international cooperation and a repository of policy, technology, resource, and financial knowledge on renewable energy. With a mandate from countries around the world, IRENA encourages governments to adopt enabling policies for renewable energy investments and provides practical tools and policy advice to accelerate renewable energy deployment.

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