WindMade in the News

Wall Street Journal (25-06-2013)
WindMade launches Product Label and calls on consumers to 'Show You Care'

Recharge News (04-06-2013)
First Japanese WindMade company

North American Wind Power (04-06-2013)
Japanese Firm Awarded WindMade Label

Business Green (04-06-2013)
WindMade signs up first Japanese renewables-powered firm

North American Windpower (24-05-2013)
Wind Energy Procurement Top Of Mind For Big-Name Companies

businessGreen (03-05-2013)
WindMade debuts new standard for products manufactured by wind power

Recharge News (02-05-2013)
WindMade consults on product label

Renewable Energy Magazine (10-04-2013)
Fair blows the wind...

Recharge (29-01-2013)
Motorola Mobility joins WindMade

Business Green (29-01-2013)
Motorola joins expanding WindMade family

Renewable Energy Magazine (17-01-2013)
Zayed Future Energy Prize ceremony receives WindMade label

Sustainable Brands (12-12-2012)
WindMade Label To Include More Renewables

Business Green (04-12-2012)
Windmade expands green labelling scheme with 'RenewablesMade' Plan

Recharge (04-12-2012)
WindMade welcomes more renewables as eco-label grows

Recharge News (08-11-2012)
Recharge awarded WindMade label for 100% green power

Yahooo! Finance (29-10-2012)
BD is Awarded WindMade™ Certification; Ranks Among Top 40 U.S. Companies in Newsweek's 2012 Green Rankings

Treehugger (09-10-2012)
Bloomberg Becomes First News Organization to Get WindMade Certification

Business Green (09-10-2012)
Bloomberg reports, now brought to you using wind power

AOL Energy (27-09-2012)
Wind Energy and the US Consumer

Renewable Energy World (19-09-2012)
Studies Cite Increased Demand for Wind Power, Other Renewables

Sustainable Brands (17-09-2012)
Survey Finds Brands Can Impress with Wind Power

Renewables International (01-08-2012)
Husum Windenergy gets Windmade label

Recharge (16-07-2012)
Vestas targets 'carbon-conscious corporations' to fuel growth

Bloomberg Businessweek (21-11-2011)
Lego, Deutsche Bank, Motorola Pledging to Obtain 25% Wind Power

Financial Times (20-11-2011)
Companies sign up to WindMade scheme

AFP (18-11-2011)
New wind-energy label gains Deutsche Bank support

AWEA (03-11-2011)
Vestas Wind Systems receives Wind Energy Advocacy Award for WindMade™

Green Talk (25-08-2011)
Made with Wind Love: WindMade, the Newest Green Biz Label

Springwise (20-07-2011)
New global labelling system

CNET News (14-07-2011)
Intel, Whole Foods lead in green-power purchasing

Bloomberg (30-06-2011)
Bloomberg speaks to Vestas & PepsiCo about WindMade

Vestas (28-06-2011)
Vestas announces two global renewable energy studies

Los Angeles Times (16-06-2011)
WindMade label for wind-powered companies debuts in U.S.

MarketWatch (16-06-2011)
MarketWatch video report on WindMade

Business & Leadership (16-06-2011)
WindMade consumer label debuts its standard

Reuters (16-06-2011)
Introducing: The new eco label "WindMade"

TIME (15-06-2011)
Putting a Brand Label on Wind Power

EON Business Wire (15-06-2011)
WindMade Label Standard Presented to US Market

Sustainable Business (15-06-2011)
WindMade companies required to purchase 25% wind energy

Renewable Energy World (15-06-2011)
WindMade™ label standard presented to US market

USA Today (15-06-2011)
WindMade label for companies makes US debut

CNN (15-06-2011)
CNNMoney: Made with wind power, now branded.

GWEC (10-06-2011)
Henrik Kuffner appointed CEO of WindMade

The Daily Beast (28-01-2011)
Winds of Change: Q&A: Vestas Visionary Morten Albaek

American Public Media (27-01-2011)
WindMade products do more than suck air

The Daily Beast (24-01-2011)
Winds Of Change: The WindMade™ Partnership

The Huffington Post (20-01-2011)
WindMade Introduces Wind Energy Made Consumer Label For Products (19-01-2011)
Vestas Wins $1.5 Million Clean Energy Award, Immediately Gives it All Away (19-01-2011)
WindMade label identifies products made using wind power