Which products do YOU want to be WindMade?

Great news: From now on, companies can use the WindMade label on products manufactured with renewable energy, and consumers can vote with their wallets to support brands that are committed to renewables.

But not only that: You can participate in the WindMade campaign to show your favourite brands that you care and that you want your products to be WindMade labeled.


How can I participate?

You can support and spread the word on this by participating in the following ways:

Photo Action

Photo Action

Send us a photo of yourself with your favourite product to be WindMade labeled, and post this on Facebook and/or Twitter.

This can be anything from a car to a milk bottle, from a smartphone to an ice cream cone.

The best entries will make it only our photo wall!

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Social Media

Social Media

Spread the word on social media! 

Follow/like us on Twitter and Facebook and tweet/post away, using the #ShowYouCare and the #windmade hash tags.

A sample tweet or status update could be: I want my [xxx] #WindMade! #ShowYouCare

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ShowYouCare Video

ShowYouCare Video

Watch and share the ShowYouCare video!

This is a fun little video that should be spread as much as possible.

You can also embed it into websites, share it on blogs or email the link to your friends.


ShowYouCare videoShowYouCare video