The WindMade Standard for Companies & Organisations

The WindMade Technical Standards are the underlying documentation for the WindMade label, defining the requirements for participation.

The WindMade Standard for Companies and Organizations describes the qualification requirements for companies and organisations in the WindMade Label Programme.

More specifically, the standard outlines the criteria companies must meet to qualify for use of the WindMade labe, and it describes the mandatory process for 3rd party
verification of the claims made through the label.

The WindMade Standards for Companies & Organizations (full text)
This includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Technical Standard
  • Appendix A: Verification Process
  • Appendix B: Requirements for Verification Bodies
  • Appendix C: Stardard for Events
  • Appendix D: Sample Verification Process


How was the Standard for Companies and Organizations developed?

A thorough process lies behind the formulation of the standard. The standard was developed in a Technical Advisory Committee comprised of experts from WWF, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), LEGO, Climate Friendly, Gold Standard and Vestas. The committee was advised by Öko-Institut and PricewaterhouseCoopers, who compiled the verification part of the standard.

The standard was also debated in the official Corporate Sounding Board and submitted to
an eight-week public consultation period, which provided the Technical Committee with valuable input from key stakeholders.

Finally, the Standard was approved by WindMade's Board of Directors in October 2011.

How can a company or organization become WindMade?

Any organization with an electricity consumption making up at least 20% of its total energy consumption is eligible for WindMade membership. A minimum of 25% of a company's electricity consumption must come from wind energy to get WindMade certified.

Other renewable energy sources can also be communicated as a part of the label, but will not count towards qualification.

To take part in the program, follow these four steps:


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