WindMade Standard for Products & Services

The WindMade Standard for Products and Services sets out the technical requirements for products to carry the label.

The WindMade Product Label can be applied to all products using a minimum share of 75% of renewable energy in their total electricity consumption, with wind power representing the largest share.  A cradle-to-gate approach was adopted, which means that the label will cover the entire power consumption for all product components, from the extraction of the raw materials all the way to the product leaving the factory gate.

These technical requirements were developed by a Technical Committee consisting of experts from WWF International, Becton, Dickinson & Co., the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Climate Friendly, the Gold Standard Foundation, and Vestas Wind Systems. The draft was reviewed by a Corporate Sounding Board and underwent a public consultation process.

From now on, companies can apply for displaying the WindMade label on individual products. To join a group of high-profile pioneers using the label, please contact or visit our membership page.

For more information, pleae see the following documents:

- WindMade Standard for Products and Services

- Document Retention Policy

- Principles on Monitoring and Reporting